Manufacturing Services & Prototypes

At RAN Technologies, we utilize the latest manufacturing and testing technology to provide our customers the highest quality and shortest turnaround times for their projects.
  • CNC and LASER drilling machines
  • LASER engraving machine machines
  • Electrical and pneumatic crimping equipment
  • Precision torquing equipment
  • 3D-printing technology
  • and high-quality testing equipment to produce a superior product.


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Precise Project Management

By using Computer Aided Design and Engineering together with the Laser Cutting and CNC machines, we can utilize our expanding parts database to boost productivity and guarantee quality for all our electrical, automation and control projects. Our extensive local and cloud‐based back‐ups ensure no loss of data. Strict adherence to our ISO‐certified Quality Management System ensures complete content accuracy. We can use innovative solutions from past projects as a design basis for new equipment.

Tight integration of Computer Aided Engineering and CNC machines allows us to take your projects straight to the shop floor. We can lay out your panel, align and position components exactly, and follow spacing requirements. The benefit of this technology to you is time savings, cost reductions, increase in quality, production process standardization, and we can even produce a prototype.

Prototypes are a critical part of the development process.

We help our customers during this significant phase by helping to detect design flaws and other potential issues, which in turn, saves both time and money.

We will work with you to provide proof‐of‐concept prototypes within your schedule requirements. We can use these prototypes to confirm manufacturability and optimize the panel layout before starting any actual production.

By being proactive, we can ensure that you will save both time and money when utilizing our services during this integral part of the development process.


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